Why join Korca Business Incubator

We are the Business Incubator in Korca. We support great ideas to become Profitable Businesses.


Korca business incubator assists new businesses in their start-up and marketing consolidation by supporting them with offices, facilities, business training and knowledge and enabling them to have access in finance and coaching for a period of 2 years.

My Office

Once you present your winning business plan and join Korca's Business Incubator , you can have your own office workstation which will be located in a newly renovated building (ex-UMB) with the support of Korca Municipality and IADSA program.


On the other hand, you will be part of the business community and you will have access in all the training and capacity building activities of IBK, thus gaining business management knowledge, networking events and access to capital financing.

Our Program

We are business experts who focuses on best experiences to make your products and services commercially viable

Business Growth

Better chances, more opportunities
Better chances, More opportunities.

Business Plan

Enhance your ideas
Assist you to prepare you BUSINESS PLAN

Company foundation

Bring your business to life
Assist you in founding YOUR OWN COMPANY

Our Start-up Objectives

Our staff has more than 15 years of business management experience.
IBK objectives are:

Success rate

Women start-ups

Innovation rate


  • Start-up program

    Start-up program of IKB supports young individuals with innovative business ideas to start and grwo their own business and succeed in their entrepreneurship.

  • Mentoring and coaching program

    We assist new businesses to start-up and grow with our mentoring and coaching program.

  • Work and Learn

    Our Work and Learn program aims to make you understand all the business techniques and strategies in order to avoid risks and take opportunities from the market.

  • Implementation of your Business Plan

    We assist all our community members during the implementation of their business plan activities and support them with infrastructure, such as meeting room, IT, office facilities and technical support.

  • Smart solutions

    We assist our community in finding appropriate solutions and advise them on Legal issues, networking events, access to finance and networking events.

Some Facts About IBK


Available offices


meeting rooms


yearly training hours


years of incubation

How to Apply at IBK

We are the Business Incubator in Korca. We Love what we Do and we Try to do Our best

1. Send your CV

Read our Guide first and send your curriculum together with supporting documents that proof your tehcnical skills and capabilities.


2. Your Application

Fill-in and send your application to be become a member of IBK and benefit from its services


3. Your Business Plan

Once your application has been accepted please deliver your business plan. (Get a sample).

Feel Free To Contact Us

If you find this opportunity interesting, feel free to ask our experts on how to join the community and what to expect

SEND application documents at
Business Incubator, St: "Kiço Greço" Korce
Or via e-mail : bizinkko@yahoo.com